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Porto Heli  - Agios Emilianos

Porto Heli (Cheli) is a resort town on the eastern coast of the Peloponnese, in Argolis, directly across the beautiful island of Spetses. Long established among wealthy Greeks as a discreet summer haven, Porto Heli is currently benefiting from the recent arrival of world-class hotels and residential projects, adding to the range of services and amenities available to the area, while broadening its international appeal.

Only 5 km south of Porto Heli, Agios Emilianos has been a popular retreat for famous Greek and foreign families since the 1980's. Beautifully secluded beaches surrounded by luxurious villas are waiting to be explored. The picturesque chapel after which the peninsula is named, is a 15' walk from the house and offers one of the best views of Spetses.


The harbour of Porto Heli is a famous destination in the South Aegean Sea for yacht owners from all over the world. Cafes and bars overlooking the calm waters of the harbour come alive during the summer periods, whereas in the restaurants and local shops you might even run into the occasional celebrity.




A seven minute drive from the house will get you to the marina of Kosta, where you can catch a water taxi or even arrange a daily excurtion to the picturesque islands of Spetses and Hydra for shopping and eating. Both islands offer opportunities for day trips where one can enjoy shopping, carriage riding and gourmet dining. The cosmopolitan nightlife of Spetses comes highly reccommended and happilly, the water taxi service runs 24hs a day, so you needn't worry about your return home. As for Hydra (Hedra) this living museum of an island, has served as an inspiration and has been the refuge for so many international famous artists, poets and musicians

Water taci to Hydra (Hedra) & Spetses

Ermioni & Kranidi


A 20' drive notheast will get you to the seaside village of Ermioni, where you can enjoy fresh fish. The village of Kranidi,  10' minutes from the house, offers opportunities for a walk around narrow village streets, where you will be happy discovering its neoclassical buildings.

A short drive from Ermioni and Kranidi

The Ancient Theatre of Epidavros


Should you be lucky enough to be here during the summer theatre festival, you will surely be overtaken by this iconic, ancient venue. Approximately a 45' to drive from Villa Egretta, the scenery over the mountains is inspiring and the theatre itself is considered to be the best ancient theatre in terms of acoustics and aesthetics. 

The ancient theatre (theater) of Epidavros
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